“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

A shy girl walks into a room full of strangers wearing a short red dress and a leather jacket.  The strangers say she’s a whore.  A prostitute walks in the same room with sweatpants and sweatshirt. The strangers say she’s careless.  A boy wearing pink walks into the room. The strangers say he’s gay.

In this analogy the strangers are society.  Society has told us that revealing or tight clothes are worn by prostitutes and that sweatpants and sweatshirts are worn by people that don’t care about their appearance. Society tells us that men wearing pink are “gay”.  Society tells us that beauty is what you see in the mirror, not what you think.  

But what society doesn’t tell us is that labels are made when somebody judges a person by what they see on the outside, because people who label others look at their bodies, not inside of their minds.  People make these judgments in the first 3-30 seconds of seeing others.  What society doesn’t tell us, is that no matter how much information we have, all we have is the cover.  Some people just let you see more of their cover than others do. 

The book lies underneath all the words that are heard, everything the person does, and what is beneath the clothes they are wearing. The book holds what the person can’t describe, the feelings they can’t express, and the thoughts that can’t be said.  The book is everything that we can’t see or hear.

Labels say more about the person giving them than the person being labeled. I hope this has brought a new perspective to mind. Or was a simple reminder that you are beautiful no matter what society tells you.




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