The Struts!​

I went to three concerts this summer.  All of them were so great.  But I saw my favorite band the other night.  They are called The Struts.  They are a British band with the greatest hair I’ve probably ever seen.  As soon as I was introduced to them I fell in love.  When I heard them the first thing I thought was “Freddy” (as in the lead singer of Queen) I started to listen to them a lot. As I listen to them I hear a bit of Queen, Arctic Monkeys and Grouplove.

They released an album called “Everybody Wants”.  Being unsuccessful in Europe they decided to come to L.A to re-release their album with a new cover.  After they released their album they  went on their “Dirty Sexy” summer tour.  (The titles “Everybody wants” and “Dirty Sexy” can be found in the lyrics to their songs “Roll Up” and “Dirty Sexy Money”)

A few months ago I found out that they were going to be in my home state and I HAD to have tickets to go.  We got there super early so we could be close to the stage.  We weren’t in the first row.  But we weren’t far from it.  There were just over 500 people there.  It was hot!  Between the lights and a number of people,  everyone around me was sweating.  I sang along to every song.  They announced that they are working on a second album.  I was so happy to hear it.  I hope I can see them again next time they come to my small state.

After the concert, I was one of the lucky ones to know where the tour bus was.  I waited for about a half hour and there they were.  The Struts.  I got my picture taken with them and got them to sign my “Everybody Wants” Album.  After each one signed my album I gave them a hug.  The night could not be better!

This band is definitely the start to the next generation of Rock n’Roll.  I hope that they will be around for a very long time.  There is not a doubt in my mind that by the time they are near me again it will be impossible for me to meet them.  This is an experience that I will carry with me wherever I go.  And they’re music will continue to inspire me as a writer, as a singer, and as a person.

~Colorful Daydreamer



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