“The Happy Girl”

I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.”~Buddy the Elf

I’ve always been known as the smiley girl.  I just love to smile and look at the beautiful things in life.  I think that the most upsetting things are opportunities.   I look at failure as an opportunity to improve, I look at tragedy as an opportunity to show more compassion.  Of course, I get upset. (You can see that if you look at my other posts.) But I usually cheer up very quickly.  Especially if I write about how I feel.

Reasons I smile:

#1 BECAUSE I CAN! Unless there is a really good reason why I shouldn’t be smiling I’m going to smile.  Why wouldn’t you smile?  I do believe that smiling is contagious.  I love smiling at someone and then they smile back.  It makes me happy having the simplest of connections with someone.

#2 My Best friend: It doesn’t matter how far apart we are or even if I’m talking to her.  Just thinking about the crazy things we’ve done and all of her little quirks makes me smile. (I’ll probably write a blog post about her as well)

#3: The beat in my head: I sing and dance to the songs in my head.  I sometimes don’t realize I’m doing it.  But I like not caring if people see me or hear me.  I often have a happy song on my mind.  But if I have a sad song it probably is making me feel better by singing or dancing to it.

#4 My brother: My brother are practically opposites.  But he makes me laugh.  He is two years younger than me but he’s the person that I go to when I need to laugh until I cry.  I know that even though we fight sometimes if I need anybody to be beaten up he is the guy to do it.  He’d do anything for me and I love him for that.

#5 Writing: I love to write. Whether it’s publicly sharing my writing, writing letters, or writing in a journal.  Something about drawing the same 26 little symbols over and over in a different order has always amazed me.

#6 Beauty: Beauty brings me comfort.  Not my beauty (if you want to call it that). But the beauty around me.  I enjoy looking around and absorbing my surroundings and noticing new things.

#7 Sheild… Lastly and my least favorite, I use smiling as a shield.  A shield from the pain in my mind and a curtain from other people seeing it.  I think that everybody smiles for this reason.  Because they don’t want to explain the reason that they wouldn’t be smiling.

I want you to think about all the reasons you had to smile today.  I also want you to think about all the reasons you had to smile yet for whatever reason you didn’t.  What is the number one reason you smile? Is it a person? Have you told them?

Smiling is a choice.  You just have to be willing to make it.

~Colorful Daydreamer




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