Life is Beautiful

“A father’s love, A wedding dance, New Year’s dreams, A toast with friends, A soldier coming home from war, The faith the hope of so much more, A brand new life, a mother’s prayer, Shooting stars, ocean air, A lover’s kiss, and hard goodbyes, Fireworks, Christmas lights-These are things that make us feel alive.” ~Life is Beautiful by The Afters

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Time to give thanks and be grateful.

I think that being grateful is so important.  I think looking at life as a whole is an important thing.  I believe that people should take the time and remind themselves that they have something to look forward to.  Whether it’s something that is happening the next day or the next year.

Feeling alive starts with gratitude.  Whether it is something in the quote or not. We all have something that makes us think “I’m alive.”

I grew up in a small house on a lake in the middle of the woods.  Ever since I was really little I have loved nature.  I’ve always felt so much happier outside.  I’ve always loved the way the leaves sound and how the air smells as the seasons change.

To look at your life and tell yourself that there is nothing to live for is something a lot of people do (including myself).   I constantly remind myself what I’ll never get to experience if I were to take my life.  I do think a lot about what I have been so lucky to experience in my lifetime.

I think we all need to take moments to be outside of the moment or our person.  I think that we need to think about what is going on around us.  And to appreciate things that are close to us.

Be grateful today and every day.  EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE!  I can not stress that enough.  Because when you tell someone that you are grateful for them it will make both of your days so much better.

Take this time to think about what you’re grateful for.

~Colorful Daydreamer


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