Here I am

I sit next to you

saying nothing

Can I tell you the truth?

Just not all of it

Here I am

I think of something to say

The moment quickly passes

along with my courage

So I just stay where I am

There are no words

Here I am


Sitting in one place

Sitting perfectly still


Staring at nothing

Staring into space


Hoping that you notice

Hoping that you do something


Afraid of what would happen

Afraid of feeling guilty

Here I am


I wonder

Do you know how much I care

Even though I just sit and stare?

As you wipe her lipstick off your face

Do you wish that mine would take its place?

Do you see me when you close your eyes

Even though she’s by your side?

As you see my name on your phone

Do you wish I would leave you alone?

Do you want me to hold you tight

Even though you think it’s not right?

As you start to fall asleep

Do you think about what we could be?

I wonder…

Maybe Someday

Maybe someday

You’ll fall for my smile

as easy as I fell for yours

You’ll dream of my smile

as much as I dream of yours

Maybe someday

You’ll look me in the eyes

You’ll ask me to dance

You’ll let me hold your hand

Maybe some day

You’ll sing to all my favorite songs

as we dance around my room

You’ll whisper that you love me

as I fall asleep next to you

But until that day comes I’ll say

Maybe someday….

Your apologies are meaningless along with your promises…

You hurt me

“I’m sorry it won’t happen again”

and I fell for it

but the next time around

you say it again

“I’m sorry it won’t happen again”

“I promise”

Do you realize what you said?

Do you realize how you said it?

“I’m sorry it won’t happen again”

Why are we running in circles?

Why do you treat people like this?

Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear.

Don’t tell me you’re sorry.

Don’t make promises

Don’t say anything

Because your apologies are meaningless

along with your promises…

~Colorful Daydreamer

Do you..?

Do you ever think about the good things we had?

Do you ever think about us?

Do you ever think about the things I regret?

Do you ever think about the things I hate about myself?

Do you ever feel bad when you see me?

Do you ever feel how much eye contact with you hurts me?

Do you remember all the things I said to you?

Do you remember how we felt?

Do you remember the way I would look at you?

Do you…?

Because I do

~Colorful Daydreamer

Just a Daydream

I was thinking about my blog name and decided to write a short poem.  Since I never even wrote about daydreaming I thought this would be a nice start.

Just a Daydream

Short and sweet

Vivid and real

a future that I hope might happen

just a daydream

Seeing what I may never experience

or what will in fact come

I stare into space

Just a daydream

I think of a kiss

I think of a fight

I think of a time when you are by my side

It’s just a daydream

…but I wish it was reality…