I wonder

Do you know how much I care

Even though I just sit and stare?

As you wipe her lipstick off your face

Do you wish that mine would take its place?

Do you see me when you close your eyes

Even though she’s by your side?

As you see my name on your phone

Do you wish I would leave you alone?

Do you want me to hold you tight

Even though you think it’s not right?

As you start to fall asleep

Do you think about what we could be?

I wonder…



I don’t only want to be your once upon a time

I want to be your happily ever after

I don’t want to be a princess in a castle

I want to be a princess in your eyes

as if this were a fairy tale

be my true loves kiss

be my dream come true

be my happily ever after

be mine

as if this were a fairy tale