Only in my dreams

He is all I need

He is all I want to see

He is all I want to hear

The smile he flashes

The laugh we share

The way he smiles

His eyes like stars

His lips like honey

His voice like music

He is kind

He is everything

He is beautiful

He exists…

But only in my dreams


The date that will never be mine

Today I was asked to describe the most romantic night.  So because I’m sappier than a maple tree I made this blog post.

I get home to a note that says “meet me on the beach just before sundown.” I quickly change out of my work clothes and put on a light dress. 

I arrive at the beach just before sunset.  The sun collides with the curling ocean waves and the stars begin to shine.  I can feel the soft sand between my toes with every step as we walk.  Butterflies take over my stomach as our fingers weave together.  The gentle sea breeze runs through our hair.  We turn to face each other a warm hand touches my back.  All of a sudden I’m aware of the space between us and how badly I want it to disappear.  Yet I find myself unable to move.  Closer now and breathless, a long gaze makes my heart skip.  A long gaze turns into a kiss and I’m unable to feel the ground.  My skin runs hot with every gentle touch.  And each thought that was running through my mind is a blur.

I know this story doesn’t have an ending but I think that I’ll leave it up to you so you can make this perfect to you.