Best friend and Jealousy? (Quote response)

“You should leave him cause he really makes me sick” ~Just Sayin’ By Five Seconds Of Summer

My best friend has been dating my ex-boyfriend for quite some time now.  Yes, I agreed to this but only because I wanted her to realize that just because a person is better than your ex, does not mean they are perfect for you.  But it’s taking her a long time to realize this.

He does treat her well.  But he doesn’t know how to talk to people in a way that isn’t either very offensive or condescending.  I did write a blog post about him a few months ago.  He doesn’t realize that apologies are supposed to mean that you’ll try not to do what you’re apologizing for again and that apologies don’t just make it okay.

I remember her last boyfriend.  How he made her shut me out.  And I know it won’t happen again.  I’m still scared.  It’s difficult because I hate sharing her.  I’m not in love with her or anything but I know how sensitive she is.  And how easy she falls for things.

I wish she knew how difficult it is for me to spend time with them.  I wish she knew that my heart cracks when they kiss but then quickly comes back together when she flashes that same smile I’ve known for years.  I wish that she knew her boyfriend through my eyes.  I wish she knew what she deserves.

He doesn’t know how much she means to me.  He proves that almost every day.  He says that he loves her.  And that hurts too.  Because with every crush he has he tells them that he loves them.  I know that she means it and he might but there’s still a part of me thinking “but does he really?”

I won’t say she deserves me.  Because even I know that there are better people for her than me.  I hope that when she realizes that there are much better people out there than the ones that surround her she still chooses to drag me along to wherever she ends up.

I hope she knows that I love her very much.

~Colorful Daydreamer



Kiss this!

“I, Did all I could, So kiss this one more time, ’cause I’m gone for good.” ~Kiss This By The Struts.


I tend to get rid of EVERYTHING as soon as a relationship is over.  I hate having anything left over.  But there are still photos living in my phone left over from when we took them.  I can’t get rid of them.  I like to look at them and feel nothing.  Could I actually be looking at them and feel nothing?

I remember the pointless apologies.  They didn’t mean anything not because the person didn’t mean them but because I didn’t want them.  What I wanted was to wake up from the nightmare that was those days.  Yet instead I woke up to an “I’m sorry…”  But they didn’t change anything.  It didn’t change the ache.

I like to look at the pictures and know that there is a huge chance we’ll never look at each other as friends.  And I like that.  I like knowing that we’ll go in completely different directions.  I like knowing that the fact that they burned my heart and walked on the ashes doesn’t just hurt me.  I like that they have to deal with the fact that they drove my soul into the ground.  I like to know in a few years we will me in different states and maybe even different countries.

Does that make me a terrible person?

It happened and it’s done.  I’m glad that seeing me tears them apart.  Because they tore me apart bit by bit.  So THEY have to deal with the fact that I’ll never see them like I did when we first met. Because my heart healed.  Time has passed.  Somebody said they still feel regret.  And I’m finally able to say “Who cares?” because yes, it sucks for them.  But maybe they’ve learned to do things differently.  I hope that they feel the slight sting because I KNOW that I felt it so much stronger for so much longer.

~Colorful Daydreamer

“Willow Tree”

“I’m a twisted willow tree.  Tear off my leaves.  Break off my branches.  Cut me down into pieces. Set me on fire, until there’s nothing left.  Now bury the ashes, just give it some time, and do it all over again.”  This is a poem called “Willow Tree” by a fellow WordPress blogger, To: No One and Everyone.  I think this is a well-written poem so I decided to share it with you.

I have been reading from this page for quite some time and thought that “Willow Tree” was quite relatable.  I believe that everybody has felt that they get slowly picked apart and that once they are feeling better about their life they get picked apart yet again.  This has happened to me many times.  I think the metaphors in this piece explain things perfectly.

I disagree with the statement “people do that to you because you let them.” (which has been commented on some of my posts before and is not something stated within any of To:No One And Everyone’s posts.) Sticking up for myself has always been a weak point of mine.  When people take advantage of me yes I do “let them” I guess.  Because what is my happiness worth?  A lot…to someone I’m sure.  But making others happy makes me happy…until they leave me behind. But then somebody else comes into my life.  They say they “need me” So of course, I help. But then they are satisfied.  So they leave with a simple “Goodbye”.

Although this happens to me I still stay positive and optimistic.  I think my next response will be titled “The Happy Girl”

Thank you, To: No One And Everyone for writing this piece and reminding me that I am not alone.

~Colorful Daydreamer